Master Yao Li

Master Yao Li's journey began in Taipei, Taiwan, where he was born and raised. At fourteen, he moved with his mother to America. As a young immigrant in search of self, Yao found a home practicing Chinese martial arts, studying Kung Fu and Qi Gong under the instruction of Master Pui Chan. Acquiring martial arts skills was empowering and after only a few months, Yao knew it was his calling to be a full time practitioner.

During his early training, Yao met his future wife, Dorri. In their early twenties, with shared enthusiasm they began teaching Kung Fu professionally and their studio became a platform of growth and support for other serious martial artists and beginners alike. Yao successfully competed in tournaments nationally and he counts the AAU National Karate Championship Black Belt Weapons Title as one of his many highlight performances.

He traveled to China numerous times to pursue advanced techniques under the guidance of some of China's best Wu Shu masters and in Boston, Yao was fortunate to learn Tai Chi from Master oshua Grant, a two time U.S. National Champion in Wu Shu Tai Chi. Together with Joshua, Yao and Dorri co­-founded the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute in 1990.

An advisor and good friend, Steve Krischel, introduced Yao to meditation and Raja yoga. It was a profound experience and a turning point in Yao’s life, inspiring a desire to deepen awareness within himself. Yao recently moved to Missouri to further his training under Steve.

Yao holds a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and by incorporating yoga into his life long experience in internal and external martial arts, he brings a new depth to his personal practice and his teaching. Master Yao Li’s goal is to let Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, and meditation evolve organically within himself and to share his knowledge with others.