Qi is the vital life force that flows within our energy pathways, known as meridians.

This energy is a free resource that we have the ability to tap into any time we need it. This 60 minute class will blend Qigong and Restorative Yoga to cultivate our qi within. Each week will layer upon itself, helping students learn how to stay balanced and healthy by dedicating a weekly practice to your self-care. Some of the benefits of Qi cultivation include stress and tension relief, improved sleep quality, better digestion, and boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This practice will blend the slow, meditative movements of Qigong with Restorative Yoga Asanas to bring harmony to any level of practitioner. No experience necessary.

The 3 Promises of Qi:

1. Qi is free, it is everywhere, and everyone has direct access to it through simple methods that are easy to learn and practice. Qi can be cultivated purposefully to resolve any challenge or enhance any function.

2. Every person who uses Qi cultivation methods consistently experiences some form of health improvement and personal access to greater energy and power.

3. Qi Cultivation – Qigong – is easy if you let it be