Kansas City's first certified Kemetic Yoga instructor, Auset Noir, CKYT is a proud KC native. Born and raised right here in the heart of Kansas City, Auset's love for movement hailed from roots as a dancer and as an adult fell in love with the multiple benefits of yoga completely by accident. During a rough time in life, Auset developed a strong bond with yoga as a tool to heal and began a journey to seek a deeper connection with this ancient art. Set on a path of self development and inner understanding she randomly discovered 'Kemetic Yoga' while researching African studies and its relationship to the roots of what we today refer to as 'yoga'. The fit was instant and soon Auset would be traveling to Negril, Jamaica to become certified by Master Yirser Ra Hotep of the Yoga Skills School of Kemetic Yoga. Auset has now been teaching Kemetic yoga and Meditation in KC and across the nation for two years strong and will never look back to a life where yoga, meditation, self care and healing are not center. Outside of the "yoga world' Auset also enjoys spending time with her family and four children, gardening, reading and writing, and staring at the sun, moon and stars. Auset Noir is also certified in Mixxed Fit ( cardio dance fitness), CPR, First Aid and Healthy Living Coach at the Kansas City Linwood YMCA ( where she also teaches!) She is currently training to be a licensed doula and life coach. " You don't have to be perfect to start. Start where you are at and you will end up somewhere better"- Auset Noir