Jess Hogan

Jess was born and raised in Kansas City.  She reluctantly tried yoga in the fall of 2014 as a way to address her growing anxiety and depression. In spite of her apprehension she quickly remembered how at home she felt when her body was active- something she had abandoned after high school 7 years earlier. Physical activity linked with the self work that yoga encourages helped to rebuild comfort in her own skin and boosted her overall self esteem. After 3 years of practicing at an array of local studios and building a home practice by utilizing online videos Jess jumped at the chance to participate in Karma Tribe Yoga's first 200 hour teacher training program.  

During the training Jess learned that she is especially interested in encouraging yoga for everyone regardless of age, gender, ability, or economic status. Expect a non judgmental approach that focuses on cultivating body awareness with emphasis on harnessing one's breath to achieve a connection to the present moment. When Jess isn't doing yoga she is heavily active in the independent publishing scene. She makes and distributes zines at her small business Neither/nor Zine Distro, teaches zine workshops, and is a co-founder/organizer of the annual KC Zine Con. She is inspired by community building, creative forms of expression, native wildlife, everyday magick, and is deeply in love with her partner of 10 years and their 2 beautiful cats.