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Shelby Merry united with yoga through a work exchange outside of Berlin where she met her teachers Amrit and Sebastian, trained in Kundalini yoga. There put a practice and a language to the process of embodiment that was already moving through her life and body. Yoga blossomed as a portal to somatic healing for Shelby, a practice of attention, attunement and coherence. Shelby felt at home in a practice in that held the external and internal processes to be of same value, to experience both as wisdom keepers, deeply interwoven with one another.

Shelby is trained in Hatha yoga under her teachers at  Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India. Through the guidance of Patanjali's sutras she was submerged in Ashtanga yoga’s eight points of yoga for her 250 hour training.  She is also trained in Reiki 1 and studies herbal medicine in her free time, both as further tools for deeper embodied ways of living.