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Megan Hettich

Megan fell in love with yoga the first day she took a class in Kansas City in 2010. She began to realize yoga wasn’t solely a physical practice. Stress and anxiety from a
hectic work life started to decrease, as she learned how to take yoga into her whole life.  Every day brings her a new lesson on how to practice the healing power of yoga,
acknowledging there’s so much more beyond the asanas.

In February 2016, she completed her official 200 hour RYS Yoga Teacher Training at the Maui Yoga Shala in
Paia, Hawaii. Megan is now a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and Shiatsu bodywork in Boulder, CO.  She incorporates this knowledge into her
classes, helping students work within their internal organs and energy pathways. This work has helped reveal to her what yoga can become: a practice that promotes self
healing and self love from within.

Megan is beyond grateful that she’s able to share this practice with others. She loves seeing the energy of unique, beautiful individuals coming together to breathe, move, unite and be present.