Here are some helpful hints and reminders to keep us high vibing together at ISY:

- ARRIVE EARLY - This is very important for you, your fellow students, and your teacher.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to set up your space so that we may begin at the designated class time.  If you are a first timer, please arrive 10 minutes early to chat with your teacher and fill out your new student form.  You will get more out of your practice if you can find a moment to close your eyes and center yourself before class begins.  The doors will unlock 20 minutes before class and be locked when class begins on time.

- LEAVE THESE THINGS IN THE FOYER - Shoes, purses, coats, phones, anything you won't need for your practice.  We will lock the external door when class begins so that your things are secure.

- SILENCE YOUR PHONES - We all know this and everyone forgets at some point and that's ok.  If you are a special case on "on call" that's fine, just let your teacher know before class.

- SPEAK AND MOVE SOFTLY IN THE ASANA ROOM - Finish up your chats in the foyer and enter the asana room conscientiously.  Some yogis are counting on those early few minutes to meditate and get centered before class begins.

- BE KIND - We are all here to practice and heal together.  Be kind to yourself and avoid speaking negatively in the studio.  It's okay to be emotional or let your teacher know you are having a tough day.  We are here to help.

-DON'T TALK DURING CLASS - If you need to ask the teacher a question please do so with a sensitivity to your meditative environment.  Please refrain from chatting with your neighbor, making jokes, interrupting instruction when it isn't necessary, etc.  We all agree to follow this code so that we may share sacred space together and practice moving meditation.