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Ground and Sound - a music and yoga retreat

  • lake doniphan 12856 Doniphan Lake Road Excelsior Springs, MO, 64024 United States (map)

GROUND and SOUND - a music and yoga retreat

Join Laurel Parks of The Wires and Laura Frank of Inner Space Yoga for a healing weekend in nature with music making, yoga, sound healing and delicious vegan food.

Ground and Sound is a weekend intensive workshop retreat designed to open and deepen one's spiritual connection to music, sound and communication in a safe, ceremonial space. Guests may bring a musical instrument to work with or just their voice. All are welcome, especially those who feel blocked or insecure in any matters relating to creative and sacred musical expression.

When: November 15 - 17
arrive Friday evening, pack up Sunday afternoon

Where: Lake Doniphan Retreat Center - about 45 minutes from KC, MO

Space is limited, register early HERE
Your tuition includes a dormitory sleeping arrangement (4 people per room) or you may camp outside if you like, 5 delicious vegan meals, tea and snacks, guided yoga and meditation, a healing sound bath, and workshops.

How to Prepare:
In preparation for this weekend experience, take the opportunity to tie up any loose ends in your life that make you feel restricted. Avoid unnecessary situations that may create anxiety. Begin a daily practice of reflective writing and interact with your instrument or if only for a few minutes each day for at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat. Journal about the areas in your life where you feel blocked or insecure. Get lots of rest and eat well.

More information about the workshops:

Beyond the Page - a note from Laurel
Music is more than an auditory experience. It has the ability to shift mood, thoughts, physical action and, by extension, our lives. It is the Universal Language.
The highest form of musical expression is accessible to us through the ability to be completely creative with our voice or instrument. When we are restricted to the notes on the page we limit our ability to be experience and trasmit the deepest powers of music. When a musician practices improvisation the present moment is unlocked. Melodies are created in spontaneity. They serve as prayer, going to the deepest emotional memory of the listener to heal, inspire, and soothe. The Improvisation workshop will provide practical tools for composing and accompanying song. You will learn how to use a chord chart to play along to any tune, learn how to shape a melody, and how to let go of any self judgement in the process.
Learn more about Laurel here:

Natural Voice - a note from Laura
The throat chakra or Vishuddha rules our ability to communicate, listen and express our deepest truth from a place of stability, strength and compassion. A throat chakra imbalance can manifest in the form of difficulty with speaking clearly, dishonesty, inability to listen, fear of speaking or being heard. Fear of creative expression through speech, writing and music. In this workshop we will explore the space and use yogic tools to open, heal and activate the throat chakra with intention and integrity.
Song, mantra and chant are powerful tools for healing and spiritual connection in nearly every culture around the world. Group singing helps one to surrender the ego and enter into a group meditation or trance. This workshop includes-a discussion about medicine songs, chant and mantra, a discussion on concept of the 7 chakra system with a focus on the throat chakra, the Vishuddha and discussion- breath work and yoga to open the Vishuddah and expand lung capacity- learning and singing of one or two medicine songs- creation of an original score for a therapeutic and heart opening experience.
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Weekend Schedule:

6-8pm: Check In and settle into nature, unplug
8pm: Dinner
9-10pm: Introduction and Orientation
10-11pm: Guided Restorative Meditation and Sound Bath
Sleep or quiet time

8-9am Morning Yoga / Qi Gong - all levels
9:30-10:15am Breakfast
10:15- Noon Workshop - Creating a Container
Noon-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Silent Walk and Free Writing
2-4pm Workshop - Ground and Sound Workshop pt. 1
4- 4:20pm Tea and Snack Break
4-6pm Ground and Sound Workshop pt. 2
6- 6:30pm Tea and Snack Break
6:30-7:30pm Workshop - Improvisation Technique
7:30-8:30pm Dinner
8:30-9:30pm Restorative Yoga
9:30-11pm Campfire Circle
Sleep or quiet time

8-9am Morning Yoga/ Qi Gong - all levels
9-10am Workshop Review
10-11am Silent Walk, Free Writing
11am - 12:30pm Brunch and Integration Circle
Pack up and out