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Tarot for Healing - 4 week course

Tarot for Healing - 4 week course

With Rosemary Barria

Sundays in October 2-4 pm

$88 register HERE

Tarot can be a powerful tool to unearth the subconscious and get to the heart of our own healing.
Join Rosemary for this 4 week journey through your own Tarot map for healing. Learn about the root of healing through the shadow, personal strengths, your higher self to develop a vision for your healing.
In week one we will make a Tarot map, starting with the core of your healing. Each week participants will look at a different part of their map and practice healing work through collective discussion, meditation, breathwork, some light movement and Reiki.
This course isn't designed to teach Tarot but how to access and use this tool by tapping into your intuition which supports you.
Bring a deck if you have one, bring a journal and dress comfortably. This is a 4 week sequential series so it is best if you attend all sessions.