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WELL~BEING NIGHT An Introduction to Qi & Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Inner Space 2711 Troost Avenue Kansas City, MO, 64109 United States (map)

with Megan Hettich and Laura Frank

Qi is a resource so essential, it is impossible to define or translate.  This resource flows within us and surrounds us in Mother Nature. 

We have pathways of qi in our body, known as meridians.  When the qi is out of balance, we may have trouble sleeping, experience extreme emotions and stress, feel lethargic, etc .  When balanced, our mood, organs, and overall wellbeing are restored to a place of harmony.


In this month’s Well~Being Night, we will explore the pathways of qi within our body and learn how to cultivate smooth qi flow based on the 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine which states everything within ourselves and our universe shares aspects of these 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.  We will discuss the cycles in nature to better understand how our emotions, energy levels, diet, and more show up within each of the elements.


Breakdown of the Night:
5:45-6PM Check in and Tea
6-6:45PM Discussion on Qi and Traditional Chinese Medicine
6:45-7:45PM Qi Gong and Hatha Practice
7:45-8PM Meditation and Sound Healing

*Bring a yoga mat, notebook + pen

$20 prepay here

Artwork by Amanda Gehin