Shamaic Reiki II Atunement
with High Palms Healing

at the NEW Inner Space Yoga
2711 Troost
KCMO 64109
Wednesday, September 13 6-9 pm &
Thursday, September 14 6-9 pm

Lift your veil and walk beyond the frame of space and time. Go deeper into thy self by learning how to unlock one of the many celestial dimensions to healing with initiatory symbols.

In Shamanic Reiki 2 you will deepen your Reiki practice through the initiation of three symbols. The activation of these symbols will help to intensify and protect your energy. You will learn how to facilitate mental and emotional healing energy for yourself and others. With the second degree Reiki initiation, the central channel is opened up to a higher degree and the amount of energy that can be channeled increases.

In the Shamanic Reiki 2 class you will

-receive and learn how to use the 3 Reiki symbols
-learn how to practice Long Distance Healing
-learn how to use the symbols for Manifestation
-learn how to Protect you energy and that of others
-learns ways of Energetic Hygiene
-learn and go deeper into the Activation of the 4 elements and medicine wheel
-Learn about plant baths for protection and healing
-learn how to raise the vibration in the four- body system, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
-create a conscious connection with the higher self by removing energetic blockages

Upon the completion of this Shamanic Reiki 2 class you will receive a Shamanic Reiki 2 attunement and a certificate from the system of Usui Reiki Healing.

***Please note that you must have completed a Reiki 1 attunement at least 3 months prior to this class.

Preparation for class
Wear comfortable, light color clothing. Bring notebooks, writing tools and any sacred offerings to activate on the altar.

Cost $260
Please email highpalmshealing@gmail.com for registration and further instructions

Santiparro & Indy have been following the path of initiation in sacred healing traditions for a decade. Guided by elders in North, Central and South America, their mission is to pass on the wisdom of our ancestral cultures through safe healing rituals and spiritual guidance. They hold a direct line to their elders and are continuously deepening their education in order to directly pass on the knowledge and healing to students and patients across the United States and in other parts of the world. They are both Reiki Masters who have trained extensively in Amazonian vegetalismo traditions as well as other shamanic lineages.
High Palms Healing offers direct one on one spiritual consultation and guidance, shamanic reiki attunements, drum-making workshops, custom drums, beading classes and beadwork, soundbaths and private or small-group ceremonies. They also host yearly Ayahuasca & master-plant dieta retreats in Peru.
Healing work is more than just holding space. It requires commitment, integrity, discipline, initiation, training and guidance. That is why for us High Palms Healing is a way of life.